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Journal Publications:

Editor in Chief of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Journal (pISSN: 2356-8518, eISSN: 2356-8569) offers publications for the selected papers of ICCMREA conference.

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (RESD) is a biannual international peer-reviewed journal which presents a global forum for dissemination of research articles, case studies and reviews focusing on all aspects of renewable energy and its role in sustainable development.

pISSN: 2356-8518

eISSN: 2356-8569

The topics of focal interest to RESD include, but are not limited to, all aspects of wind energy, wave/tidal energy, solar energy, as well as energy from biomass and biofuel. The integration of renewable energy technologies in electrical power networks and smart grids is another topic of interest to RESD. Experimental, computational and theoretical studies are all welcomed to RESD.

Sustainable development is a multidisciplinary topic which came to the center of energy research with the declaration of UN millennium development goals for the first time in 2000, and continued to constitute a challenge in energy technologies in the past decade. RESD is mainly interested in case studies of sustainable development and its relation to transition economies in the middle east, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

RESD has an outstanding editorial board of eminent scientists, researchers and engineers who contribute and enrich the journal with their vast experience in different fields of interest to the journal. The journal is open-access with a liberal CreativeCommons CC BY-NC-NDcopyright policy which preserves the copyrights of published materials to the authors and protects it from unauthorized commercial use or derivation.

special issue will be reserved for excellent papers on the following journals:


science_journals6.indd Nanomaterials and Energy

ISSN 2045-9831 | E-ISSN 2045-984X

‘Nanomaterials and Energy’ uniquely brings together research from scientists and engineers working at the intersection of nanomaterials and energy, helping identify new and ever more efficient energy sources with a cost-benefit focus.